7 Mantras To Raise Happy Teens

7 Mantras To Raise Happy Teens

Adolescence- Let’s make some sense

Teenage may become confusing for youngsters and a challenge for parents. Let’s make it the most joyous, stable and healthy period of your child’s life.

Here are 7 reminders which will help you understand your adolescent child in a better way:

  1. Friends will be more important to them. Be prepared that you may get less priority. Support them anyhow.
  2. They might get emotionally distant from you. Don’t worry. They’ll come back.
  3. Most of the teenagers get more argumentative. It’s your turn to raise your patience meter now.
  4. Their sleep cycle changes. Don’t worry. Whenever possible, let them sleep to fill their sleep deficits
  5. They might stop listening to you. It’s time you stop lecturing and start having some informative talk with them.
  6. They will experiment more. You can’t stop them. Help them find the safest route to take risks.
  7. While they keep on experimenting, it’s natural for them to get into some troubles. Assure them you always stand by them, however, bad circumstances may turn.