Rajul Shrivastava – The Life Coach

  • rajul-shrivastava

    Mr. Rajul Shrivastava

    Rajul Shrivastava, certified NLP trainer, Motivational speaker, Mind Programmer and Founder Director of Mindpriests Research and Development Pvt Ltd. loves to bring a holistic change in adults and kids by developing unique programs that works at conscious and subconscious levels both. Over a decade, the team has researched and developed various Child Empowerment Programs to help students rediscover themselves, cut down their study time and enhance their learning capabilities. Already trained thousands across the globe, Rajul is on a mission to impact 1 million students this year.


  • aparna

    Ms. Aparna

    Aparna is an educationist and has been in the education industry for a decade. She worked with the leading schools. Her ability to bond quickly with all age groups makes her loved by all. She is sensitive towards needs of the kids and therefore heads workshops for Mid Brain Activation. She is instrumental and heads identifies need and design new workshop. She is heading the Research & Development Department with the Company.

  • nishi-shetty

    Nishi Shetty (International Trainer)

    Accreditations in

    1. Neuro Linguistic Programming
    2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ2.0i)
    3. Myers & Briggs Type Indicator
    4. SHL & Saville Wave Psychometrics
    5. Hay Job Evaluations
    6. Hay Job Descriptions
    7. Hay 360 Feedback
    8. Pranic Healing