About Us


Mindpriests Research & Development Pvt. Ltd. is a young Organization started by a group of enthusiastic educationists with cumulative experience of over 50 years in various field. Mr. Rajul Shrivastava is the Founder & Directors of Mindpriests.

After closely working with the kids of all age groups, the group realized that they are facing unwanted and unhealthy competition. Stress levels are getting high and demands and expectation of teachers and parents are never-ending. The kids have no time left for themselves and they are on the verge of losing themselves.

The organization believes that every child is unique and has enormous potential which can be developed and processed. Being enthusiastic educationists we made it our mission to harness the hidden powers of every child so that he can utilize multiple intellectual properties gifted by God and produce wonderful results in all personas of his life.

Mindpriests offers 360º transformational workshops keeping in mind various challenges faced by kids and adults both. Be it Parenting, Learning, Lack of interest in academics, Poor Memory, Slow Reading & Writing skills, Emotional instability, Behaviour and more….

One can find innumerable institutes that mushroomed but how many institutes develop skills that can save your maximum time of kids i.e. Handwriting, Reading, Memory, Concentration, Focus, etc.

After realizing this reality they analyzed that a strong need for development in these areas is required. Hence, the team researched, designed and launched the number of programs that can benefit not only the children but the whole family.