• Brain is a hardware and mind is a software.
  • How many minds do we have?
  • Power of subconscious mind!
  • 6000 thoughts per day.Most are negative.
  • Negative thoughts dispose crotosol distress harmone in the blood.
  • 2% decision we make and 98% time our subsconcious minds takes Decision.
  • Memory
  • Reading Skill
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Creativity

Experience Mind Priests Workshop

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Our Testimonials

  • Everything was just so perfect. I have learnt to be more positive. Overall Very Informative & outstanding workshop.

    Priyanka Prasad
  • The most valuable part of the workshop was relaxing technique. I have become a positive person now.

    Neetu Deene
  • All the sections were very valuable. The workshop will certainly help me boost my relationships, health and work. I acquired very good and encouraging knowledge on how to make my life better and how to be more happy and satisfactory.

    Vijaya Shrivastava
  • Very good program. Everybody should do it.

    Santosh Gupta
  • Very well organized Training programme

    Ashwani Garg
  • The workshop is awesome & the most valuable part is how we can improve ourselves by doing little changes in our attitude. The workshop is perfect with expert trainers.

    Rajendra Srivastava