Game Changer

Game Changer - Ms. Nishi Shetty is an International Trainer


  • Where are you in the Life?
  • What is your State of mind now?
  • Do you know what you want in life and how to get that?
  • Are you at the highest state of motivation, passion and excitement to live the life with a purpose?

If the answer is No! Continue reading…

One Life, either we settle with what we have or relook at it from the new perspective. We always think that if we can roll back years to our childhood, we can relive in different way, but unfortunately that’s not possible as of today. but the Good news is whats poosible is to change the life patterns today to accomplish the bliss and after a decade when we look back we feel proud that we lived life in each breathe.

“Game Changer” is a workshop designed to change the patterns of your life and establish a new neuron connection to achieve what seems un-achievable as of now by using simple time tested scientific tools like MBTI, NLP & Adult Mid Brain Activation. A 2-Day certified and uniquely designed workshop will benefit you as follows:

This program will give you knowledge about your personality through a scientific tool called MBTI. We are divided into 16 personality types. What are they? Do we all have a different personality? Yes we do. How does this knowledge impact our daily behavior. Why does our kids behave the way they do? How do we get more acceptance of people. How do we find out about the personalities of others. What do we do for a successful outcome.

Adult Mid Brain Activation
It is a music therapy from Japan where by sending a special soundwaves to your brain we stimulate the neurons and the pineal gland is activated. This will enhance the processing of your brain, L/R Brain gets balanced resulting in incredible natural memory, strong intuitive power that helps in taking right decisions, drastically reducede stress levels, emotional stability, you shall be more efficient and productive.

No matter how many programs we attend, we will never change unless we know how our brain works. We have default settings in our brain. We start with a weight losing program and after one week go back to our default settings of eating what we want and no exercise. We start everything but go back to our default settings.

Understand how the mind works.

  • We have tools that change your default settings.
  • Learn about your subconscious mind and how to Reprogram it. Remove Phobia & negative energy.

The program is a unique combination of 3 most powerful tool to achieve the life objective.

Ms. Nishi Shetty is an International trainer having International accreditions in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Masters), MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, Pranic Healing, etc. with applied knowledge and passion to impact lives. She has travelled across the globe and impacted lives of 1000’s of people.

Rajul Shrivastava is the adult Mid Brain Activation trainer trained and certified by DMRC Asia, Singapore.

2nd & 3rd Dec (9.30am-6pm) Jaypee Siddhartha, Rajendra Place, New Delhi.