(For 10 years + children)

How this program will help your child



Is your child facing these challenges ?


1. Poor Memory
2. Low Grades
3. Slow Learning
4. Low Confidence
5. Lack of Concentration
6. Time management
7. Organising information


1. Poor Memory
2. Poor Self Discipline
3. Excessive Screen Time
4. Negative Beliefs
5. Unfocussed Goals
6. Exam Fear


1. Their Strength & Weakness (Multiple Intelligence)
2. Preferred Learning Style
3. Roles & tasks
4. Type of Personality (Values, Potential Aptitude, Learning Style & Environment)
5. Best career choice

How this program works

Directionless - Clear Direction

Psychometric Test

The tests are a set of physical and mental queries intended to get a better understanding of the individual’s conditioning. Most examinations aim at testing the learning capability of the student and never get to access the mental makeup of a person. It will identify your Child’s…

1. 8 Multiple Intelligence
2. Preferred Learning Style
3. Roles & tasks that suits best
4. Type of Personality (Values, Potential Aptitude, Learning Style & Environment)
5. Best career options

Cluttered Mind - Programmed Mind


Program Subconscious Mind through a blend of special frequencies with affirmations. These Podcasts will create new neuro pathways while listening to each file once a day for 15 days in row. The podcast is for
1. Supersonic Memory
2. Self Discipline
3. High Performance in Exam
4. Belief System
5. Goal Setting
6. Positive Attitude

Poor Academics - High Scores

STUDY SKILLS (Techniques)

Experts identified 6 essential skills generally not taught in School but are foundation for learning as it saves time and enhance learnability and hence child becomes more efficient & develops interest towards studies.

Modules & Benefits:

1. Wheel of Life-The Wheel of Life is a popular life coaching exercise that gives your child a quick overview of their current state of affairs. They will identify areas to focus on, and get a great visual representation of progress made.

2. Memory Technique 1 (Can easily memorize long answers, scripts & speeches)– It links these images together into a story. This helps to keep events in a logical order and can improve your ability to remember information if you forget the sequence of images. Both techniques are very simple to learn.

3. Memory Technique 2 (Can easily memorize information in sequential order) – The main advantage of the peg system is that it allows the recall of any word at a given numerical location. This gives you access to the information you want to remember either in order or out of order.

4. Memory Technique (can easily memorize, History dates, phone no., Bank account no. etc.) – The major system is a mnemonic technique used to aid in memorising numbers.

5. Speed Reading (From 200wpm to 500wpm journey) -Speed Reading is not just about reading faster but comprehend the information better and retain it longer. It’s the complete package.

6. Mind Map– It is a great way for you to categorise and organise the ideas you brainstormed and identify their relationships. By using a single page or space you can already place a huge amount of information and check its connections.

7. Goal Setting– Setting goals helps trigger new behaviours, helps guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life. Goals also help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. In the end, you can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t improve upon something that you don’t properly manage. Setting goals can help you do all of that and more.

8. NLP-A tool-bag to change poor habits, remove negative emotions, energises goals, creates powerful and positive mindset

Team Behind the Program

Co-founder & Global Head
International Trainer
Business Coach
Online Entrepreneurship Coach
Student Empowerment Trainer
NLP Trainer
Career Counsellor
Head MENA Region
International Trainer
People Development Professional
Emotional Intelligence expert
Career Development Coach
NLP Trainer & Coach
Psychometric Assessor
Expert on Personality Type
Head-South East Asia
International Trainer
Vaastu & Feng Shui Expert
Interior Designer with specialization in
Children’s areas
Professional Architect
Visiting Professor in leading University
Advisor for Education Programs for Creativity & Design
Sustainability Consultant

Program Highlights

For 10-22 year old children
1 Program, 24 Services & Unlimited Benefits
10000+ students have already enrolled & benefitted Globally


BONUS 1 : Vedic Maths

Complete video series on vedic maths that you can access any time.

Rs. 500 FREE

BONUS 2 : Study Music Final Exam

Get study music for your kids. It helps kids to get focused more for more time.

Rs. 500 FREE

BONUS 3 : Music for Positive Energy

It directly impacts on subconscious mind. Rs. 500 FREE

BONUS 4 : Concentration Music

It helps in increasing the concentration. Rs. 500 FREE

BONUS 5 : Get Certified

Get participation certificate.


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What parents has to say

Good Morning Mindpriest Team, Its almost sometime when my kids attended your training/workshop, and since then they have been applying all the techniques in to their daily activities especially related to studies. Glad they are thoroughly enjoying it along with major improvement in various aspects of their skill sets. Wheel of life was a fun activity to do and a great way to start… Thanks for all the support and guidance.
Hello All, I liked Memory technique and Speed reading very very muchhhh. All my classmates are really amazed to see sudden improvements and change in my overall personality & confidence. And were very keen to know the secret behind!! I wanted to keep it as a secret, but eventually I shared it with them. They will contact you soon. Thanksssss so much for a great learning experience.
Rajat Gupta
Hello MindPriest, Sorry for being a bit skeptical in the beginning about some of the techniques. But now when I applied them, was really amazed to see the results. Especially technique to get rid of Fears is so simple but so effective. Liked your overall programs as its so interesting and fun to be part of, and really empowers us for our lifelong journey. Thanks again for everything and creating this unique program especially for kids. Wonder why these are not taught in our schools, as these are so simple yet so effective and useful. Thanks a tonnnnn.
Deepak Sharma
Good Afternoon Team, Thanks so much for creating this kind of program targeted especially for students. So basic, but yet so important skills & techniques and we tend to overlook it being busy in rat race. Moreover hard to find such complete program covering various aspects of students life. Also glad opted for this course early, as I was really lost regarding my personal likings and career preferences. But psychometric test helped me in finding my true self, my interests and most suitable careers…. And accordingly I can finalise my subjects selection due shortly. Appreciate all the efforts taken by the team and making it so simple yet so effective.
Poonam Rawat

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Frequently asked questions

  • On booking, you will instant payment confirmation instantly.
  • Within 1 working days, you will get a Welcome mail with dashboard access.
  • Download Psychometric Questionnaire, let Child fill the same and email us back. We shall generate the report and send you the PDF file along with Group video Counselling.
  • Access the podcasts randomly and listen to each audio file one at a time for 15-Days in a row. 
  • Attend the Live session as scheduled for Study Skills.

Don’t worry all live sessions will be loaded in the dashboard, so you won’t miss anything.

Yes as child continue to acquire new skills so over years it changes

A child can either write queries to get answers, what’s app or schedule an online Q& A session with our training team.

On receiving his assignments within a month we he is awarded with E- certificate

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