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How to get an assured 3 lacs/month and still be your own Boss? How to become a successful Entrepreneur by transforming lives with this proven business model?


Sunday 19th May at 03:00 PM

Secret 1

How to earn an assured 3 lack per month by transforming lives of students and adults with proven business model?

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Inside secret to develop own business with low investment and no office space.

Secret 3

Discover how to create an automated business process that works while you sip lime in Mauritius.

About the Opportunity :

About Rajul Srivastava

CEO & Founder Mindpriests Research and Development Pvt Ltd

NLP & Memory Trainer | Life Coach
Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker

Rajul Shrivastava, certified NLP trainer, Motivational speaker, Mind Programmer and Founder Director of Mindpriests Research and Development Pvt Ltd. loves to bring a holistic change in adults and kids by developing unique programs that works at conscious and subconscious levels both. Over a decade, the team has researched and developed various Child Empowerment Programs to help students rediscover themselves, cut down their study time and enhance their learning capabilities.
Already trained thousands across the globe, Rajul is on a mission to impact 1 million students this year.

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Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Mid Brain Activation
Memory Master
Quantum Speed Reading
Extra Sensory Perception
Photographic Memory
DMIT & Psychometric Counselling

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