Congratulations on your registration for the 3-day foundation program to become a ” Certified Student Coach“.

1.   Live classes on Zoom:
The program is scheduled as follows

Day 1: Fri, May 24: 7.30 pm-9.45 pm

Study Skills & Midbrain Activation

Day 2: Sat, May 25, 7.30- 9.45 pm

Career Coaching & DMIT Training

Day 3:  May 26, 11 am-1.30 pm

Business Master

☝️ One registration for all the 3 days in Zoom


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Set a calendar reminder now so you don’t miss out

2.   Certification: After you attend all three live sessions, we will send you the Google form for certificate registration and we shall email you the E- certificate after receiving the form.

3.   Bonuses: To access the bonuses valued at Rs.6,000 you can follow the process hereunder:

Step 1:  On your Android phone download the Mindpriests app from the Play Store

In the case of an IOS device here is the link


Click the above link and post entering your contact number and your ORG code i.e. QLMKT, and you will be redirected to the Mindpriests app.

Step 2: Go to batches at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Batch Code is bonus 6000 which will be visible within 12 hours of registration

Step 4: On top of the screen you will find, the overview, then attendance. Keep Scrolling left and check videos and study material.

Step 5: Enjoy the Music Therapies & Business Mastery program under video content and under study material check out sample PDFs and e-books.
It’s extremely important to attend all the sessions.

In the session:

1. We strongly recommend that you log in through a laptop.

2. Keep pen & notepad ready. Write down your queries and ask only during the Q&A

3. Find a place where there is no disturbance and wifi signals are strong.

Excited to see you live!


For any support write to us at mindpriests@gmail.com

Team Mindpriests