Unleash the true hidden potential of your child

Benefits Of Program

  1. Build Confidence 
  2. Memorize 5X Faster
  3. Emotional Stability
  4. Subconscious Mind Programming for Desired Grades, Progressive Mindset, Confidence, Change of Habits and Emotional Balancing.
  5. Get rid of Exam Fear, Anger, Stress
  6. Lifetime Permanent Access of the Program and Much More

Parents' Challenges

As a parent inspite of we being wanted to bring the best in Child, we face many challenges that can be classified in 3 categories

Are you facing any of these?

1st is to discover your child

We don’t know most important aspects of our child i.e. we have 8-intelligence and we are unaware of the fact that which of these intelligence are strong and how can child capitalise upon them and develop a weaker intelligence through it. We may also be unaware that what is the child’s personality type, and the best career options for him.

2nd is Psychological Challenges

It includes Excessive Screen Time Aggression Low self esteem Sibling rivalry, etc. and most of the time we have no practical solution to it.

3rd is Academic Challenge

Low Grades, Slow learning, Poor Memory, Poor Concentration, No Focus

3 Step Scientific Solution Process

Unfortunately neither a School nor any academy provides the practical time tested solutions to these challenges. We at Mindpriests realised the need to create a program that caters to all the 3 needs together and we engaged the experts in the field of Child Psychology, Education, Life Coaches, etc and finally introduced a much needed program called Student Empowerment Program.In this we understand the child through Psychometric Test, Psychological through Subconscious sleep therapy and Academic through skilling on 7 parameters like Wheel of life, Memory techniques, Mind mapping, Goal Setting and NLP etc.

Step 1

Psychometric Report

Based on Dr.Howard Gardner theory the report will help you to unleash your Child’s :

1) 8 Multiple Intelligence
2) Personality Type
3) The best career option

Step 2

Subconscious Mind Programming

audio series

Program your Subconscious Mind with 4 Audio Series with special music frequency for :

1) Laser concentration
2) Supersonic memory
3) Self Discipline
4) Goal setting

Step 3

Skill development

Video series

1. Wheel of Life
2. Memory Technique -1
3. Memory Technique -2
4. Memory Technique -3
5. Mind Map
6. Goal Setting
7. NLP


Know your trainer

Rajul Shrivastava

Rajul Shrivastava, certified NLP trainer, Motivational speaker, Mind Programmer and Founder Director of Mindpriests Research and Development Pvt Ltd. loves to bring a holistic change in adults and kids by developing unique programs that works at conscious and subconscious levels both. Over a decade, the team has researched and developed various Child Empowerment Programs to help students rediscover themselves, cut down their study time and enhance their learning capabilities.

Already trained thousands across the globe, Rajul is on a mission to impact 1 million students this year.



impacting lives

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Original Price Rs. 13,000

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Frequently asked questions
Minimum Age is 10 years
You will get a mail within 24hours of the payment made in which you will receive the link to Download all the material including a questionnaire for Psychometric, that shall be filled by a participant and sent it to us. We shall take 48 hours to generate report and send it to you along with the Video Counselling.
1000 plus participants have already done this across the Globe
Counselling Video Comes along with the Report.
Yes as child continue to acquire new skills so over years it changes
Child can connect with out training team and schedule a Q&A for free. However it may not be required as Tutorials are very friendly.
Anytime is a good time. Best is when he hits the bed. With or without earphone/Headphone is fine.
On receiving his assignments within a month we he is awarded with E- certificate
NO!, its secured and runs only on 1 Computer.
Prepare your child's future.