Instant Entrepreneur @INR 9900 with ROI - 2Lakh/ month

Have a dream? Join the

Looking to start your own business /Entrepreneur Journey and to experience the freedom of Time ,Money & Place.

So what’s stopping you to take the first step?

Recently our team interacted with many potential Entrepreneurs like you who wanted to start their business but had some concerns and doubts to take the first step.

The following are the main key points of the interaction. They wanted business with the following:

Fast & High Profits.

Readymade Need Based & Time Tested Products/Service to Sell

2 Sales a day earns you 2 Lakh/month

No Liability of Office & Staff.

Expert Guidance

Low & Safe Investment.

And the interaction also revealed that they want to become an influencer and successful businessman/woman but they are not able to find any proven business which can give them all of the above.

Are you also thinking the same?

If you are the one reading this and feel that it’s now time for you to break free from everything that has stopped you so far and if you realise that the time has come for you to make a mark in the world then – I invite you to avail the Pre Launch Offer and become  Instant Entrepreneur

Role of an Instant Entrepreneur

Instant decision | Instant Start | Instant Profits

To achieve the same we have designed an opportunity to cater to the very important challenge of the society i.e. Scientific Child Development & Career Planning. 

The tools that we offer you to use to help identify the following are DMIT & Psychometric Test that helps in discovering :

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) 6 versions of DMIT i.e

Why its the right time to start ?

Right Now, This Business Opportunity Is Exclusively Available To You At Pre Launch Investment

Actual Investment : Rs. 16,000

Pre launch offer : Rs. 9,900

Here Is What This EXCLUSIVE OFFER Includes

DMIT Software & Franchise (Worth Rs 10,000)
Psychometric Report Generation Software (Worth Rs 8,000)

Instant Entrepreneur Actual Investment = Rs 16,000/-
Exclusive Offer Investment = Rs 9,900 only +18% GST

show your interest to book your Instant Entrepreneurship for Rs.9,900/- only

Last 12 Spots LEFT

What Softwares you get?

Software for Unlimited Reports

How to get customers ?

Online Tutorial to get Leads of Interested Clients/Customers while sitting at your home

Video training modules


Introduction & Overview of DMIT


Finger Print Patterns & Codes


ATD Angle, TFRC, Personality Type


  Advanced DMIT Report  


How to take Fingerprints


How to use Ridge Counting Software


How to use DMIT Report Generation Software


DMIT Counselling

Assessment Test

Psychometric Test


Digital Marketing



Time to take Instant decision to become an Instant Entrepreneur.

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